About us

we really care

Everywhere you go, the story is the same. Small businesses all over the country are closing their doors due to pressures from large box stores and online giants. The average small business owner has neither the resources of the funding to compete in this new digital world. Entwined.com is made up of people who desire to make champions out of small business owners. We want to see the American Dream reestablished and to be able to provide equal opportunites for anyone with a dream.

what we do?

We help small businesses achieve their goals by leveraging costs and solutions to stay competitive with corporate entities.

our mission

Offer quality service to small business that make an impact on their lives. To offer a unsurpased value for the lowest possible costs.

our goal

Our goal is to simply put small businesses back in control of the local economy. Small businesses are struggling and we are here to help.

the expert team

Just some of the people that make the magic happen.

Our Team
Jamie Palmer

CEO / President

Our Team
John Pavao

Chief Operating Officer

Our Team
Ron Nelson

Chief Technical Officer

Our Team
Abhishek Mishra

Chief Web Officer

Our Team
Jenny Penny

HR Director

Our Team
Lia Francis

Product Designer

Our Team
Partha DasGupta

Senior Programmer

Our Team
Ethan Corrigan

Sales Director